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Don't just take our word for it....

What Muffin gives to the children is truly remarkable. We can’t recommend the classes enough.

Both my children have really enjoyed Muffins and look forward to Saturday rehearsals each week. They have thrown themselves heart and soul into the productions and work very hard to learn their lines and practise their performances. They have both grown in confidence and learnt some valuable life skills like team working, being creative and being committed along with really enjoying themselves. This is all credit to the inspirational leadership of Muffin and her team. The incredible organisation that is required to stage a production in a real theatre that includes a such huge cast of young people from age 4 – 16 is outstanding.

What a fantastic first panto experience with HCT.  I was amazed by how much you managed to achieve is such little time.  The stage looked great, the costumes and all involved did such a good job.  We thoroughly enjoyed
the performances and I know Eloise loved being part of them too.  It's a delight to be part of what is now very apparent, the family of HCT.

HCT has been such a positive experience for both our children. With all of your drive, patience, creativity, and love, our girls have achieved a lot, enjoyed and grown so much over these years.

Thanks again, Muffin! You have made a great difference for both our children.

Thank you so much for giving my boys this fantastic, fun, community experience that I’m sure will be with them forever... the stuff of the best childhood memories! 
Huge respect to you for embracing the enormous task and pulling it off so remarkably well.

When I was younger I was really shy, but always looked forward to my classes with Muffin on a Saturday. It was fun to see my friends and sing songs, and it made me more confident when I went to college and met new people.

I sent both my daughters to Muffin’s classes throughout their childhood: it was a wonderful experience for all of us. Watching the children go from “Little Fleas” in Puss in Boots, to Principal Boy in Dick Whittington was
heartwarming. We watched their, and countless other children’s, progress with great pride.

My work as a Social Media Exec would not be possible without the skills I developed at HCT and my immersion in the dramatic arts. Being comfortable in front of an audience from a young age has definitely been a bonus.
The highlight of Christmas for our children is always The Henley Children's Theatre Panto... They love it and have gained enormously from the singing, dancing, performing classes.

Rose did in her school play today - she had the main part and it was wonderful to see how much her confidence and stage presence have grown - thank you so much for the fantastic work you do with her which has really helped develop these skills so much! It was so lovely to hear all the great comments about her performance!

You should know that we all think you’re amazing and HCT is the most wonderful thing for my girls to be a part of. They really really love it.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it all.

Thank you for your ever encouraging style – Ruby has really enjoyed and stepped up to the challenge at hand
and is eager for more in years to come.

Little Maisie adored and took in her stride everything you asked of her and continues to brim with positivity and can-do ….

Aged 25 in my everyday life, I still use skills honed at HCT. Having to think on my feet has been easier after years of improvising games and developing my confidence on the stage. This has helped immeasurably in job interviews and when communicating with clients.

A fantastic mix of professionalism, fun and self development, thank you, my daughter has really enjoyed being part of the theatre group and looks forward to next year.

Muffin gave our children a fantastic experience and taught them not only acting skills but also responsibility for themselves, especially during the performance weeks. The older children looked after the younger children, which was another lovely aspect of the family feeling that is HCT.

HCT is the best children's theatre school in the area that has given my two children so much confidence. They enjoy every minute and love being part of a wonderful Christmas pantomime and summer show on stage every year. You couldn't wish for a better all inclusive group for your children to attend.

A super-friendly, very inclusive theatre club. Muffin is a power ball of energy who makes sure the children have fun and grow in confidence on a weekly basis!

Henley Children's Theatre is a great class for building children's confidence! The end of year pantomimes are so much fun for the children and are talked about in our household for months after they've finished!  I'm so glad my daughter is able to create such fantastic memories, much like my own from 30 years ago when I attended the group.

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