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How do I join?

Whether you are new to HCT or a returning pupil, please use our online booking service. 

Enrol Now.

The class is full, what do I do?

Please register on our waiting list. When a place becomes available you will be notified by email.  Kindly ensure you add to your address book to be certain of receiving notifications.


My child is nearly 4, can we join?

If you think they can manage it, yes.  The commencement age of 4 is used as a guideline.  All children develop at a different pace, and often some are ready at 3.5 years, particularly if they have older siblings.


Do you offer a free trial?

Essentially, yes: for new pupils, the first two weeks are a “trial”.  As numbers are limited and places are in high demand, the term must be booked and paid for in advance.  Although we have a 99% success rate for newcomers, if a child does not settle by the end of Week 2, a full refund is given (less £15 admin charge).  Due to restricted space, we are unable to accept visits from children during the term: the best guide for you to assess HCT is word of mouth or watching an HCT production.


What if my child can’t attend every week?

We anticipate around two absences per term due to illness or clashing events.  If a child misses too much, they may find it hard to catch up on what they have missed, and this has a negative effect on the confidence we are aiming to instil.  So it is best to limit the amount of Saturdays off.


Can we attend the term and miss the Production?

The children love performing and it is a great benefit for them to see the fruit of their labour.  Each term builds towards a show, so it is best to be involved from the outset with the final goal in mind.  Due to limited places, it would not be fair to take a place for the term only, when another child could enjoy the full deal.


Are children allocated places according to school years?

No. The upper and lower age limits of a Class will vary each term depending on demand.  Similar ages are grouped together, but due to limited places, it is not possible to use school years as a guide: HCT groups according to date of birth.

Do the children perform in all the shows?

No. The whole group is divided in to two full casts. These two casts then alternate the performances.

Will my child be in the same group as his/ her friend?

As far as possible, Muffin aims to keep friends and travel buddies in the same group for performing. Although fun with friends is encouraged, the main raison d’être of HCT is to perform and this takes priority when casting.

Is there a uniform?

No. Children may wear any comfortable and practical home clothing for Saturday classes. All children (except The Seniors) need black ballet shoes (boys may wear black plimsolls) and black tap shoes. Muffin normally provides costumes for all the children for the annual Pantomime, but parents are responsible for the summer show outfits (normally something simple, or colour themed)

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