Both my daughters have really enjoyed Muffins and look forward to Saturday rehearsals each week. They have thrown themselves heart and soul into the productions and work very hard to learn their lines and practise their performances. They have both grown in confidence and learnt some valuable life skills like team working, being creative and being committed along with really enjoying themselves. This is all credit to the inspirational leadership of Muffin and her team. The incredible organisation that is required to stage a production in a real theatre that includes a such huge cast of young people from age 4 – 16 is outstanding.
Dear Muffin,  Sorry, I got so emotional yesterday, tears in my eyes, I had to make a hasty exit and was unable to thank you properly.  Thank you, Muffin, for helping me to bring up my daughter.  Saturday meetings and then the performances played an important part of her experience. It was a very positive experience and I am very grateful to you for giving it to her.  I just wish that all kids, wherever they come from, could have in their lives somebody like you – and I am thinking now especially about some kids from the under-privileged walks of life.  I am sure if they had someone like you, there would be less violence out there… Dear Muffin, I wish you a very happy long life in good health so that many more kids can benefit from what you offer.
HCT is the best children’s theatre school in the area that has given my two children so much confidence since they started when they were 4 and are now age 15/11. They enjoy every minute and love being part of a wonderful Christmas pantomime and summer show both on stage at the Kenton Theatre every year. You couldn’t wish for a better all inclusive group for your children to attend.
The highlight of Christmas for our children is always The Henley Children’s Theatre Panto… They love it and have gained enormously from the singing, dancing, performing classes.
Mrs M. Henley on Thames
Kryssie loved every minute with Muffin and HCTG. Performing on stage was gently challenging but gave her loads of confidence and a good sing and dance (correctly shod), the perfect start to most weekends.
N Steiger
My children have had a lot of fun at the Henley Children’s Theatre. They have enjoyed being a part of the productions and the rest of the family have certainly enjoyed watching the performances. It has also helped them to develop interests and skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.
My three children have been members of the Henley Children’sTheatre since they were around three years old. They all absolutely love it. The group has become a firm and enjoyable part of our lives. I am not sure what we would do without it!
A fantastic mix of professionalism, fun and self development, thank you, my daughter has really enjoyed being part of the theatre group and looks forward to next year …
A super-friendly, very inclusive theatre club. Muffin is a power ball of energy who makes sure the children have fun and grow in confidence on a weekly basis!
HCT has been my family for as long as I can remember. Starting as a Class A flea and progressing to become the Saturday morning helper, I learnt so much both about being on the stage and about myself, and made some lifelong friends. I can’t recommend it enough!

Henley Children’s Theatre Group is a gem in the heart of the local community and encourages children of any age and ability to take part in performing. On a personal note it has given both my children some amazing confidence and on a professional note, it’s a great training ground for those who want to further their interest in performance of any kind.

Tracey Fox
Our daughters joined Henley Children’s Theatre in 1997 and we had to tear them away a couple of years ago. Muffin gave them a fantastic experience and taught them not only acting skills but also responsibility for themselves especially during the performance weeks. The older children looked after the younger children, which was another lovely aspect of the family feeling that is HCT.
I attended HTCG from the age of 3 to about 16 and can’t imagine my childhood without it. It put me ahead of my peers in terms of confidence and I was put forward for debating and other public speaking activities. Later in life, learning how to combat my nerves in front of other people came in very useful in job interviews and presenting at work. As well as this, it was hugely fun at the time and I made some great friends so I am very grateful to HTCG for everything!
Henley Children’s Theatre ‘group’ is a great class for building children’s confidence! The end of year pantomimes are so much fun for the children and are talked about in our household for months after they’ve finished! I’m so glad my daughter is able to create such fantastic memories, much like my own from 30 years ago when I attended the group.
Our son and subsequently our daughter both started with Muffin at the age of 3. The confidence, shared experience and comraderie Joshua has gained with Henley Children’s Theatre has enabled him to successfully audition and appear in the UK tours of Priscilla Queen of The Dessert & Annie Get Your Gun. The Kenton Theatre holds special memories where their love of theatre began.
Both my children attend HCT and thoroughly enjoy the rehearsals and the shows but they have also benefited from increased confidence, self-assurance and the ability to easily stand-up and present in front of a group. It’s great!
The lovely thing about HCT is that it brings together contemporary themes and music as well as the musical classics; there is a strong element of tradition that sets the group well apart from other ‘Fame’ style children’s theatre organisations.