Henley Childrens Theatre 25 Anniversary 1994


HCT was founded in 1969 by Flavia Pickworth. It is still run today by the same family. Flavia was a dancer in London, who set up stage schools for children to perform in Variety. Her son, Mike Hurst, is a singer and record producer. When Mike moved to Henley in 1967, Flavia followed, and it wasn’t long before her itchy feet got dancing again and the Henley Children’s Theatre Group was formed.

Muffin Hurst (Mike’s daughter) has been running HCT for 25 years. Muffin has been involved with the group since she was 3 years old and values the experiences she gained from performing and being part of a fun activity.

This is Henley’s original theatre school for children. There are many imitations, but only one HCT. Our history, and longevity in this business are unique.

If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it! We’ll carry on doing the same thing for another 45 years if the children are still loving it as much as they still seem to.